The Left Leg’s Dry Leg Has Been Hit Strongly In An Accident?

Illustration of The Left Leg’s Dry Leg Has Been Hit Strongly In An Accident?
Illustration: The Left Leg’s Dry Leg Has Been Hit Strongly In An Accident?, I had an accident that caused my left leg to hit hard on my left leg, so that at the time of the accident I brought in a traditional massage, the condition of my foot bumping like sticking out a little bit like a hole but not bleeding with a size of +/- 1 cm, the masseuse, massaging the bumps, and the pain is unbelievable, but until now, there are still lumps in the good inside, and when you squeeze it feels achy and the lump also feels hard

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Hello Rahayu,

You didn't write down any questions, so I can only assume that you questioned the handling of the accident. You have to make sure first, what do you mean, the accident caused some bone to sink in or stick out? After an accident, of course there is blunt trauma to the body. Blunt trauma can cause bones to crack or break, if the injury is severe enough. The best thing to do after an accident is to see a doctor so the doctor can check your condition. Generally, the doctor will take an x-ray to assess whether there is a possibility of fractures or cracks in the bone. After that, the action will be adjusted to the type of fracture and the severity of the fracture. Not all types of fractures need surgery. Some types of fractures only require a splint or cast.

The problem is, if you have not previously undergone an examination, you do not know what condition is in your bones. A broken bone massage can have several possibilities:

The bones heal normally.
The bones heal but connect abnormally so that their form and function cannot be normal again.
Bones cannot heal and experience tissue death.

At this time, of course we cannot know the condition of your bones. You should check with your doctor so your doctor can take x-rays or CT-scans to determine the condition of your bones. After that, the doctor will determine what actions are still possible.

Hopefully this answer is quite useful. Regards.

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