The Left Shoulder Muscle Aches And Often Creaks?

Illustration of The Left Shoulder Muscle Aches And Often Creaks?
Illustration: The Left Shoulder Muscle Aches And Often Creaks?

Good afternoon Doctor … I want to ask, what exactly am I sick of? My ECG results are always abnormal so that the cardiologist performs a catheterisation because of complaints of pain in the left chest that does not go away. I move with hand movements in the future and I pull back always sounding creak and the pain to the left chest. Does the complaint of shoulder muscles that I feel affect the performance of the heart. but the heartbeat still feels faster. Is it true that I have stomach acid?

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EKG is one of the tools used to record the electrical activity of the heart which is responsible for cardiac activity where if there is an abnormal heart record, it can indicate a heart abnormality, the absence of heart electricity or even other conditions that interfere with heart activity.

Cardiac catheterization itself is an action that can be used as a method of diagnosing coronary heart disease or as a therapeutic method of coronary heart disease. For the cardiac catheterization that you are undergoing here shows rather ambiguous results, whether the results you are referring to here your coronary arteries are normal or whether otherwise there is a blockage.

For complaints of noise and feeling of attraction in your shoulder, this can be caused by a shift in the shoulder joint (dislocation), muscle aches or angina pectoris. If it is stated that your heart condition is normal, then most likely your complaint is not related to heart abnormalities, due to excessive muscle activity in the shoulder or left chest, it will not affect heart activity because the heart has its own settings.

And regarding whether you really have gastric acid disease or not, it must also be ascertained through direct physical evaluation and also through a special examination, namely the gastrointestinal (endoscopic) binoculars.

If your complaint continues to be felt and has not improved, it is highly recommended that you further consult a specialist in internal medicine to conduct an overall evaluation of your condition in more depth. If it is recommended to undergo certain tests to ascertain the cause of your complaint, it is highly recommended to undergo the examination.

In the meantime, it is not advisable to take any medicines other than those given by your doctor because these drugs might aggravate or even trigger your complaints. Take care of your food, avoid eating foods that are spicy, sour, high in fat and also high in salt. Also avoid consuming drinks that contain kefein and alcohol. Also make sure you manage your eating schedule well every day so it's not too late.

Avoid stress and make sure you get enough rest every day. It is also recommended that you continue to exercise regularly, but try not to exercise that is too strenuous or exceeds your physical abilities.

I hope this helps.

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