The Left Upper Thigh Is Painful And Hot?

Illustration of The Left Upper Thigh Is Painful And Hot?
Illustration: The Left Upper Thigh Is Painful And Hot?

hello, my name is 18 years old imel I have a burning pain in my left upper thigh and my knee is red, why is that?

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Good evening Imel, thanks for asking at Complaints that you feel, can occur due to several possible causes. Among others are:

Chemical irritation due to chemicals such as moisturizer Viral or bacterial infections of the skin Peripheral nerve disorders Lack of vitamins and nutrients Injury or impact on related parts

And the possibility is actually still able to develop along with the results of the examination conducted on you. Our advice, you should check your condition at a general practitioner first, so that it can be explored more deeply about your physical condition through interviews, direct physical examination by looking at the part that you call pain, and feel hot, and conduct supporting examinations if needed. Various information such as whether you have a history of falling, getting hit and being infected, and whether the red is in the form of blotches or red as slapped, as well as the physical appearance of your own condition may indicate possibilities that are different from what we have stated above. So going to the doctor is important, so you can also be given the right treatment.

In the meantime, avoid applying anything to that part other than with the doctor's advice, compress it with warm compresses, reduce physical activity and check yourself immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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