The Length Of The Fetus At 22 Weeks’ Gestation?

Illustration of The Length Of The Fetus At 22 Weeks’ Gestation?
Illustration: The Length Of The Fetus At 22 Weeks’ Gestation?

Hello, I want to ask yesterday I checked into the health center, but the doctor said it was incomplete but the baby was healthy but the length of the baby in the stomach was around 14cm when my wife was 22 weeks pregnant. Please, is the solution normal … thanks

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Hi Acep,

Thank you for asking

It should be clarified, exactly when your wife's first day of last menstruation? In what way do you know the age of your wife's womb that has stepped on those 22 weeks? According to the doctor, are there certain abnormalities in your fetus that need special attention?

Determining the gestational age can be done in various ways, for example by HPHT, measurement of height of the fundus (the highest part of the uterus), or also through ultrasound examination (ultrasonography). Among the three ways above, the ultrasound examination is considered more accurate and closer to the truth.

If it is true that your wife has undergone an ultrasound examination, and it is stated that the womb is 22 weeks old, then the normal length of this fetus is around 27 to 28 cm, while the weight ranges from 400 to 460 grams.

If it only refers to the length of the body, then this baby is classified as small for the age of the womb. However, this needs to be confirmed again by knowing the exact age of your wife's womb, what is the estimated weight of the fetus she is holding, and various other fetal health indicators. If it is true that your fetus is smaller for the size of the age of the womb, this condition may indicate fetal development constraints in the womb, for example, which is influenced by inadequate maternal nutrition, hypertension or uncontrolled diabetes, infection in pregnancy, and so on.

Without conducting a direct examination, it is difficult for us to identify whether the condition that your wife is experiencing is still considered reasonable, or indicates a certain disorder. It could also be a mismatch of fetal size with the calculation of the age of the womb because of differences in operating competence, and various other factors.

Our advice, you and your wife consult directly with an obstetrician who examines your wife to be given the best solution that needs to be done.

In the meantime, you can calm your wife first, don't let her get sad or worry too much. Help meet the nutritional intake during pregnancy by providing healthy food and drinks that contain balanced nutritional value. Avoid your wife from exposure to radiation, chemicals, and other dangerous poisons during pregnancy. Let him rest more, do not always exertion too tired. Do not forget, accompany her to control her pregnancy periodically to the doctor every month.

Hope this helps ...

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