The Link Between Squat Jump Sports For Leg Pain And Irregular Menstruation?

Illustration of The Link Between Squat Jump Sports For Leg Pain And Irregular Menstruation?
Illustration: The Link Between Squat Jump Sports For Leg Pain And Irregular Menstruation?

Hello Doctor, I want to ask about squat jumps. I do a squat jump almost every day because I come late to school, since doing a squat jump my legs hurt, and also my period also became irregular. What is the impact, if you continue to do squat jump with the number 30-40?

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The existence of squat jump activities that you do almost every day because of the punishment you get at school, then this generally does not cause dangerous side effects, as long as you do it correctly and according to the procedure of implementing this exercise. For the initial stage, the possibility of complaints that are often felt can include complaints of muscle pain, joint pain and complaints when walking. This can be related to the initial effects of muscle and joint strain especially if you are not accustomed to exercising. However, after a number of times of doing sports training or squat jump regularly, then this complaint will gradually disappear or improve.

Squat jump is a basic physical exercise squat and jump that aims to improve the muscular endurance of the legs, thighs, pelvis, buttocks and knees. Doing squat jump exercises according to the instructor's instructions or according to technical procedures that are harmonized with the individual's physical abilities can help achieve this goal. However, if this exercise is not done properly, it can be risky. Perform squat jump techniques correctly, namely:

 Feet wide open in a standing position Hand behind the head with elbows facing outside Knees bent until thighs are parallel to the floor Push with the tip of the gakai to lift the body and jump as high as a Medarat slowly which is immediately followed by a squatting position Slowly practice, start by practicing squatting correctly , then you can combine it with jumping and landing. Also start with warm up and stretch your body. Don't force yourself. With the right techniques, especially in the supervision of your trainer, this will help strengthen your body muscles.

In addition to complaints of muscle and joint pain, several other side effects can also be felt, such as:

 Spinal injury Injury to the groin joint Knee injury Abdominal muscle injury So that a squat jump does not provide side effects for menstrual disorders in women. Menstrual disorders that you feel can be triggered by other medical disorders, such as:

 Physical fatigue Stress Lack of sleep Impaired female hormonal balance Infection Thyroid disorders Use of KB Obesity pregnancy In general, menstrual disorders or menstruation does not occur in one or two menstrual cycles can be experienced by all women naturally. However, if this late menstrual complaint occurs over and over in 6 months or one year, it is necessary to evaluate and check directly for this late menstrual complaint. Some medical conditions that affect the above can be a general consideration for women with complaints of late menstrual recurrence. So you need to do a consultation and examination directly to your obstetrician.

Therefore, for now, you can evaluate up to the next menstrual cycle. If you haven't had your period in the next cycle, you can continue your visit to your obstetrician. If you are under 17 years old, you can visit the doctor with your parents. The doctor will conduct an interview related to this complaint, then a physical examination and support is carried out to ensure the presence or absence of a noisy medical condition. If there are no specific abnormalities, the doctor can provide treatment and treatment recommendations that you can do at home. However, if you find medical abnormalities, then treatment and treatment will be given according to the indications. So that this complaint will recover and not bother you.

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