The Link Between The IVA Test And Pap Smear?

Illustration of The Link Between The IVA Test And Pap Smear?
Illustration: The Link Between The IVA Test And Pap Smear?

Does the hiva examination show that the cervix turns white is a sign of abnormal growth in the cervix ?? r nI had an iva test yesterday, but I was advised to take a Pap smear test … But I have gone first …

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Hello Ayraputrinandi,

IVA examination / visual inspection of acetic acid is one of the tests that can be done as a cervical cancer screening. The IVA examination is carried out by giving / daubing 3-5% acetic acid on the cervix, then waiting for about 1 minute and seeing the condition of the cervix by the doctor or officer on duty to conclude the results. IVA test results can be as follows:

Negative IVA: normal cervical IVA inflammation: signs of inflammation are found, will be given medication first and then a positive IVA test will be repeated: there are white spots that lead to pre-cancerous lesions. Pap smear test. In addition, patients can be referred to a gynecologist for further examinations including physical examination, anamnesis, and other supporting examinations besides pap smears if needed, such as HPV DNA tests, colposcopy, and biopsy. These examinations aim to determine the condition of the cervix and detect cervical cancer.

You don't need to worry just yet. Try to keep thinking positive first. Try to change the mindset to be more positive, for example it is okay if you are asked to do a pap smear, if the results are good, of course you will be calmer, if the results are found to be malignant, it can be treated immediately. The sooner it is found and treated, the higher the treatment success will be. So, try not to say anything.

Hope this helps,

Thank you

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