The Link Of Anxiety Disorders To Headaches And Warm Bodies?

Illustration of The Link Of Anxiety Disorders To Headaches And Warm Bodies?
Illustration: The Link Of Anxiety Disorders To Headaches And Warm Bodies?

Hello, I’m 19 years old. is there any connection between panic that I experience because of sudden “I have a sudden headache and my warm body temperature. is it related to anxiety disorders? I have been diagnosed by an ophthalmologist when I checkup about problems with my eyes and related to something what I think / worry about, do I have to check with the doctor? thank you.

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

Panic disorder is the occurrence of panic attacks suddenly, appear repeatedly, not influenced by time and place. Patients with panic disorder always have fear because of panic attacks that continue to occur. Accompanying symptoms of panic disorder include dizziness, nausea, spasms, feeling like being suffocated, numbness. Usually panic disorder is more experienced by women in young age groups.

Meanwhile, overall anxiety disorders are anxieties and worries that are sometimes illogical. The anxiety lasts throughout the day and is felt in 6 months or more. In patients with generalized anxiety disorder, symptoms of motor tension such as headache, trembling, palpitations, sweating may occur.

Perceived headaches may be associated with panic disorders or overall anxiety disorders. However, these symptoms are not specific only found in the two mental health disorders. To establish a diagnosis that headaches are based on certain mental health disorders, it is necessary to evaluate the doctor first whether the symptoms are not caused by physical health problems (for example: migraine headaches, tension type headaches, cluster type headaches, or secondary headaches due to other diseases) or effects abuse of certain drugs or substances. If the diagnosis of panic disorder or overall anxiety disorder is not made by a doctor, it is not advisable to conduct a self-diagnosis that you have the mental health disorder. Self-diagnosis of symptoms experienced is very not recommended for ordinary people because it is generally only based on searching for limited information on the internet and scientifically cannot be justified.

To help reduce pain, you can use over-the-counter headache medications, for example: paracetamol, at the dosage according to the rules of use on the drug packaging. You are also encouraged to apply the following steps:

 Get adequate rest Eat balanced nutritious food regularly Avoid excessive coffee consumption Manage stress well Immediately consult your doctor or neurologist if your symptoms don't improve or there are symptoms / signs as follows:

 Headache occurs the first time, never felt before Appears with a different pattern from what is usually experienced Very localized in a particular area of ​​the head The intensity of pain increases in certain conditions, for example: when coughing, sneezing, straining, sexual intercourse Accompanied by other diseases For example, stroke, seizures, malignancy, HIV, history of recurring head trauma. Occur over 40 years. To enrich your insight, you can read articles about headache. Such is our explanation. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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