The Little Finger Nails Of The Hands Never Grow And Are Always Festering?

, my nails are loose on my pinky hand and have never grown and always festered yellow 4 years like that, why?

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Hello Eka

When the nail is completely removed until the base of the nail has the potential / small possibility of a condition where the new nail will not grow back, even if the nail does not grow back, the surface that was previously covered by the nail can recover.

If the area that was once covered by nails continues to fester even for up to 4 years, then further evaluation needs to be done to ensure the presence or absence of complications such as:

The presence of wounds accompanied by infection so the healing process becomes slow or difficult to heal.
The part of the nail that is suffering from a continual experience of trauma or pressure, such as using a collision, experiencing continuous stress while writing or typing, and so on.
The presence of medical conditions such as diabetes and blood vessel disorders, for example, can make wound healing much more difficult

Eka's suggestion is to see a doctor so that further observations can be made to ascertain what factors are causing the nail area in Eka's pinky net to fester continuously. Because the handling of each of the above conditions can be different, and it could also be that what Eka experienced turned out to be a medical condition other than those mentioned above.

As a suggestion Eka can do now is:

Keep your fingers clean, especially in the festering area should be washed with warm water and give a little povidone iodine antiseptic solution and try to keep the festering area always dry, if needed a festering area can be covered with a bandage after applying a povidone iodine solution.
Keeping the area of ​​pain does not experience continuous pressure / collision, so if it does occur in the right hand then try not to give too much support on the little finger when writing.
Consumption of balanced nutritious food, so that the recovery process of damaged tissue can take place properly

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