The Lower Abdomen Feels Hard And The Breath Becomes Tight?

Illustration of The Lower Abdomen Feels Hard And The Breath Becomes Tight?
Illustration: The Lower Abdomen Feels Hard And The Breath Becomes Tight?

Excuse me, I want to ask the end “This is my stomach at the bottom feels hard and my breath feels a little tight and then my stomach is getting bigger, if I urinate too late or hold it right when I urinate it becomes painful, what is it there is a relationship with me for a long time there was no obstacle then the symptoms of pregnancy are also not I feel right but is it a sign of pregnancy or other causes? That’s all of my questions

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The conditions that you experience can occur for several reasons, and among the symptoms can be related to one another and may not. Among others are:

Gastric acid disease Ulcer disease Kidney infection Urinary tract infection Endometriosis cyst Pregnancy Kidney stones

And other possibilities also depend on the results of the examination. As for signs of pregnancy, actually it could be a sign of pregnancy, but still, no matter how strong the signs of pregnancy, in the end must be ascertained by ultrasound examination and or pregnancy test. Therefore if you suspect that you are pregnant, you should do a pregnancy test first with a testpack that is easily available at the nearest pharmacy.

Then regardless of the results of the pregnancy test, you should also continue to see a general practitioner because even if the test results are positive, you can still happen to be pregnant and experience certain medical conditions simultaneously, especially if the test results are negative. By seeing a doctor, you can find out more complete information about yourself and also determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

Meanwhile, avoid consuming spicy, sour, greasy and fatty foods, cabbage and cabbage, saw, coffee, chocolate, and soda. Eat regularly even in small amounts, multiply the consumption of warm water, do not hold urination, avoid sexual intercourse first, cleanse the genitals from front to back, and compress the stomach with warm compresses. So, hopefully answering your question.

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