The Lower Left Abdomen Is Often Cramping And The Distance Of The Birth Is Far?

Illustration of The Lower Left Abdomen Is Often Cramping And The Distance Of The Birth Is Far?
Illustration: The Lower Left Abdomen Is Often Cramping And The Distance Of The Birth Is Far?

Alodok, I am currently 4 months pregnant, since 2 months of pregnancy the left lower abdomen often cramps even though when I was pregnant the first child I never felt like that, then is my fetus okay? The birth distance between my first child and now 12 years, is the birth canal difficult again, because I used to have postpartum hemorrhage to have to be curetted, thank you

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some pregnant women have had stomach cramps. stomach cramps during pregnancy are actually classified as normal. however abdominal cramps during pregnancy if followed by other symptoms, should be watched out because it can harm the womb.

There are several common causes of stomach cramps during pregnancy

changes in uterine size: To support the development of the uterus, the connective tissue or ligaments that connect the pelvic bone and uterus will stretch so that the uterus feels tight.
position of the uterus: Cramps on one or two sides of the abdomen are usually felt especially when moving. When the fetus grows, the uterus will tend to tilt to the right or left.
Excessive gas in the stomach: Increased hormone progesterone causes the muscles of the digestive tract walls to relax and digest food more slowly. When food is longer in the large intestine, more gas is produced. Sometimes the gas is not only felt in the stomach, but also can spread in the back and chest.

There are several cramping conditions that you should be aware of

If you experience abdominal cramps during young pregnancy, accompanied by bleeding or spots for several days, this could be a sign of miscarriage.
Ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy outside the womb occurs due to fertilization of the egg outside the uterus. In addition to abdominal cramps, other symptoms that may be experienced by pregnant women who experience ectopic pregnancy are the appearance of pain in the pelvic cavity, bleeding from the vagina, dizziness and weakness, pain in the shoulder, even the signs of bleeding due to bleeding.

if you meet these symptoms then you should immediately go to a doctor and you should routinely do a pregnancy check.

there are some that cause a difficult birth canal

narrow pelvic cavity
baby size that is too big
baby breech position

so there is no relationship between long pregnancy intervals and post curettage

you should immediately go to an obstetrician if you experience things that are dangerous and worrying. be diligent in doing an obstetric examination according to your obstetrician's advice.

There are several things that can overcome your cramps at home

consume enough water at least 8-12 glasses a day
try to lie on your side on the opposite side of the diseased abdomen
try to stay relaxed and calm while experiencing cramps

Thus the info that I can provide hopefully can help you

thank you

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