The Lowest Percentage Of Body Fat?

Illustration of The Lowest Percentage Of Body Fat?
Illustration: The Lowest Percentage Of Body Fat?

Please ask, I guide the age of 21 I want to ask, for the lowest body fat and safe for the body, at what percentage percent huh?

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Fat is one of the important components in supporting body functions. Enough fat can help regulate body temperature, protect organs and tissues from mechanical injury, and can also be a reserve of energy for activities. However, excessive body fat levels can put you at risk of experiencing various diseases, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and so on.

Body fat percentage generally describes how a portion of your body is composed of fat, be it body storage fat or essential body fat that plays a role in maintaining the body's metabolic functions. This percentage can be calculated in various ways, for example by bioelectric impedance analysis, skin fold methods, anthropometric measurements, or also measuring body circumference in several parts.

In general, women have a higher percentage of body fat than men due to hormonal influences. However, here are some benchmarks that you can make a reference in determining the normal percentage of body fat:


Ages 20-40 years: 21-33%
Age 42-60 years: 23-35%
Age 61-79 years: 24-36%


Ages 20-40 years: 8-19%
Ages 42-60 years: 11-22%
Age 61-79 years: 13-25%

Many sources say that knowledge about the percentage of body fat is very important because it can indirectly be a benchmark of how much the level of endurance (fitness level) a person. Even so, various other sources still doubt this. Therefore, information about the percentage of body fat alone is not enough to be an indicator of one's body health. Comprehensive examination, including taking into account nutritional status, vital signs, perceived complaints, results of physical examination from head to toe, as well as other investigations carried out are also important to confirm the possibility of disease or risk of disease in a person's body.

That's all our explanation. For more details, please consult with your doctor or a nutritionist, right?

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