The Lump In The Left Neck Was Painful When Looking Down?

Illustration of The Lump In The Left Neck Was Painful When Looking Down?
Illustration: The Lump In The Left Neck Was Painful When Looking Down?

Hello, so a few weeks ago I was experiencing pain such as being pressed under the heart and suddenly I felt anxious but the pain under my heart was like being pressed every 2 seconds and then I went to the hospital and checked after that right in my heart at put a tool to record the condition of the heartbeat said the nurse after that I was given mefenamic acid drug but I was very worried about the lump on the left to be exact but when pressed it didn’t hurt but the lump was as big as a seed when I bent my neck forward about 1-2 minutes it felt pain and experience changes in mood whether the lymph nodes are not dangerous because when pressed there is no pain then there is a kind of drug that can cure lumps in my neck Thank you.

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There are various causes of the appearance of a lump in the neck, so the treatment carried out must first know the exact cause. Some causes of lumps in the neck are:

Lymphadenopathy, a lump in the neck is usually painless
Lymphadenitis, a painful lump, usually due to a bacterial infection
Hyperthyroidism / hypothyroidism, enlargement of the thyroid gland
Parotitis, enlargement of the salivary glands
Abscess, pus-filled and painful
Lipoma, fat tissue tumor
As a result of infection or malignancy elsewhere

To find out the exact cause of course must be done a physical examination directly by the doctor. Furthermore, some investigations also need to be done such as blood tests (if suspicious of infection), examination of thyroid levels (if suspicious hyperthyroid / hypothyroid), biopsy (if suspicious of malignancy), ultrasound, and so on. Also with a thorough examination can be known whether the lump is malignant / not so that management can be done immediately. Handling will be done according to the cause, if the infection is possible doctors will give antibiotics, if the abscess must be done to clean the abscess, and if indeed the tumor will be evaluated whether it should be operator or not.

For now you can do:

Don't press on the bump
Don't stab a lump with anything
Avoid smoking and alcohol
Maintain a healthy lifestyle

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