The Lump On The Left Forehead, Hard, Doesn’t Hurt And Doesn’t Go Away?

Illustration of The Lump On The Left Forehead, Hard, Doesn’t Hurt And Doesn’t Go Away?
Illustration: The Lump On The Left Forehead, Hard, Doesn’t Hurt And Doesn’t Go Away?

Good morning. I want to ask, there is a lump u003cstrong u003 on the left forehead, if pressed does not hurt, but hard. U003c / strong u003e Exactly when I started to appear I forgot, which obviously has been months. Because last May I had a crash: I was with a motorbike, and the hitman was driving a car. When the collision had this bump before, so I can confirm it wasn’t because of the collision that it had a bump. I’ve tried browsing, but I can’t find the answer, or maybe I’m the one who doesn’t understand. Which is close to the results of my search so far for Lipoma, but the characteristics of Lipoma one of them is that the lump is not hard, right? Please enlighten me. Thank you in advance 🙂

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Lumps on the head can indeed be caused by various things, with cataristic lumps as you have said, the possibilities that occur are:

Head injury, in the form of an impact that occurs on the head against a hard object around it, can cause a lump that appears in response to the body due to seepage of the broken capillaries under the skin. Usually it will disappear after a few days.
Head tumor. A growing tumor can be benign or malignant, depending on the cells that grow on the tumor. And usually also cause no symptoms other than lumps that are visible to the naked eye.
Cancer, usually there is a link between cancer that is in other places but still around the head and neck, such as cancer of the mouth, nose, sinuses, salivary glands, lymph nodes around the neck, throat. A lump that grows is usually painful and won't go away.
Cysts can also occur around the face, cysts that often appear on the face and are not dangerous are dermoid cysts and sebaceous cysts. There are no accompanying complaints of pain, and the characteristics range from soft to hard, depending on the contents of the cyst.

A lipoma is a lump that is tender when pressed, and is completely painless. Will complain like pain and soreness if the lipom gets bigger and presses on the surrounding nerves. Included in the type of tumor, but not dangerous.

The lump on your face belongs to which type, can only be confirmed by directly examining your lump. Because therapeutic advice cannot be given without knowing the underlying cause of your complaint. It is better if you do a complete examination of the doctor, so that the general practitioner or surgeon can determine the type of lump on your face, or maybe later he will perform a series of additional tests such as an ultrasound examination, CT scan or a biopsy.

It is a dangerous lump if there are several symptoms as below:

Its size is growing rapidly
Doesn't go away after 2 weeks
Complaints increase such as pain and redness in the lump
Turns into an open wound

So much information from us, hope it can help you. Thanks.

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