The Main Treatment In TB Patients?

Illustration of The Main Treatment In TB Patients?
Illustration: The Main Treatment In TB Patients?

Dear …… There’s my foster sister (her name is A’s 21 years old). She told me that she has been suffering from wet lung disease since middle school. My guess is that he was sick with tuberculosis because he was a smoker during high school. And, because of juvenile delinquency (drugs and free sex), at the end the doctor declared himself positive for HIV. His family is a resident of Indonesia who is below the poverty line. The participation of his BPJS as a family is PBI APBN (BPJS contributions are borne by the government). I heard the information that cow’s milk has benefits to clean lungs that have problem spots. And also boosts the immune system of the body. If I am personally well suited to drinking branded sterile milk (brand name). I want to encourage him to consume milk, but it seems that he is allergic to cow’s milk … Is that the right suggestion ?? If it is not right. What should be the right consumption of milk ??? Please explain. Because he just left to live in a big city. His family all live in his hometown, his BPJS / KIS card problematic cannot be used for treatment in the big city where he lives overseas, so he decides if there is more money than his income as an employee of a company, he will buy ARV drugs for illness This HIV.

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HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a disease caused by a virus, which can be transmitted through contact with body fluids of other HIV sufferers, such as blood, anal fluid, vaginal fluid, penile fluid, as well as breast milk. This disease can make the sufferer's immune system decrease dramatically, making it easier to get sick, including lung disease, such as tuberculosis (TB). According to a variety of literature, HIV infection in TB patients can further worsen the clinical manifestations of the disease and increase the risk of death. Therefore, optimal treatment is needed to increase the potential for healing, while minimizing the risk of transmission.

Definitive treatment for TB sufferers is done by taking OAT (anti-TB drugs), which is a combination of antibiotics and vitamins for consumption for at least 6 months. In contrast, until now, there is no definitive treatment for HIV sufferers. However, viral replication and worsening of the disease can be optimally inhibited by regular anti-retroviral consumption. In order to get the right treatment for his condition, we recommend that you persuade your younger sibling to visit a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine at the nearest health facility, right? With the right procedure, costs should no longer be an obstacle for TB and HIV sufferers to get proper handling. Because, the government has committed to guarantee the health of each of its citizens, including its relation to the treatment of infectious diseases such as TB and HIV. If your sister is having trouble taking care of her health insurance procedures, don't hesitate to direct her to consult directly with the nearest BPJS office.

Milk in people with TB and HIV is not healing, or cleansing the lungs as you mentioned. However, consumption of nutritious foods, including supplemented with milk, can indeed support stamina and strengthen endurance, thus making your younger sibling stronger against his illness. If your sister is allergic to certain milk, then you can give her other milk, or variations of food and other nutritious drinks, not necessarily milk. Also remind him to keep seeing a doctor regularly, live a healthy lifestyle (including regular exercise, eat nutritious food, get enough rest, don't stay up late), stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and choose a good social environment so that you don't fall behind again. into deviant actions.

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