The Meaning Of A Quiet External Hemorrhoid?

Illustration of The Meaning Of A Quiet External Hemorrhoid?
Illustration: The Meaning Of A Quiet External Hemorrhoid?

, what is meant by quiet external hemorrhoid, and its length is only 0.50 cm ????

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Hemorrhoid (hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids) is a condition in which the veins in the anus and lower rectum experience swelling. Based on its location, this condition is divided into 2, namely internal (which is located in the rectum) and external (which is located in the skin under the anus). The cause of this swelling of the veins can be due to increased pressure around the anus and lower rectum, for example due to frequent straining, sitting too long, chronic diarrhea or constipation, obesity, pregnancy, frequent anal sex, and so on. Often times, hemorrhoids can become inflamed, causing swelling, pain, or causing symptoms of obstruction, such as nausea, vomiting, difficulty defecating, and so on.

Quiet external hemorrhoids mean that they are not inflamed. The size of hemorrhoids is generally not used as an indicator of severity and determination of treatment. This is more done by considering the complaints experienced by the patient, for example if they experience signs of digestive obstruction or heavy bleeding which can lead to anemia.

Overcoming hemorrhoids can be done through several procedures, including:

Lifestyle modification, for example by increasing consumption of fibrous foods, soaking in warm water to reduce inflammation, maintaining cleanliness around the anus, not having anal sex, compressing swollen hemorrhoids with ice cubes, maintaining ideal body weight, drinking more, not sitting too much, etc
Providing drugs, for example, anti-pain drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs
Rubber band ligation
Operations, for example by hemrrhoidectomy, hemorrhoid stapling

We recommend that you consult your complaint directly with a sub-specialist surgeon digestive surgery to find out the best treatment for dealing with your complaint.

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