The Meaning Of The HIV Antibody Test Results?

Illustration of The Meaning Of The HIV Antibody Test Results?
Illustration: The Meaning Of The HIV Antibody Test Results?

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Examinations conducted to find out whether someone is infected with HIV can be done in various ways. One of them is by checking HIV antibodies. This examination can be done using blood samples, where the examination will detect the presence of antibodies produced by the body to fight HIV. These antibodies will appear after 3-12 weeks after a person is exposed to the virus.

Examination that you do included in the examination of antibodies commonly used for screening. If the results are non-reactive then the results of the examination mean someone is infected with HIV. However, reactive results indicate that a person is HIV positive.

Question 1:

On your examination with a result of 0.05-0.07 where the results show the number <1.00 means you are non-reactive or negative or not infected with HIV during the examination. However, one thing to remember is that this antibody test should be done 3 - 12 weeks after a risky relationship. That is because new antibodies in the blood can appear after this time or are called window periods. If you have an HIV antibody screening less than that time then the results can be false negative. False negative which means someone is infected with HIV, but on examination the results are non-reactive / negative because the antibodies have not been detected because it is still in a window period.

Question 2:

Based on the value of the referral number you mentioned if the antibody screening results show the number> = 1 means the antibody test results are reactive which means that someone is infected with HIV. After the screening examination, the doctor will suggest several further examinations to determine the next treatment step.

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Question 3:

Non-reactive results mean that in a screening examination, antibodies to HIIV are not detected which means that a person is not infected with HIV.

From this explanation, what needs to be remembered is the window time or window period in HIV infection. So that the examination at the right time can show accurate results. The accuracy of the examination if done at the right time reaches 99%.

HIB screening is recommended to be done within 4 weeks after the risk behavior or after you have been exposed. If the results are nonreactive, then you need or are obliged to repeat the examination 3 months after the last risky behavior or exposure. And if the HIV screening examination 3 is not the result is non-reactive then you are considered not infected with HIV.

And the following is an explanation of people who are at risk or groups of people who are categorized as at risk of becoming infected with HIVB, namely:

Having sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections such as herpes, syphilis
Having unprotected sexual intercourse, such as a condom with an unknown status of HIV infection
Having more than 1 sexual partner, or multiple sexual partners
Sexually engage with drug users or commercial sex workers
Sharing the same syringe with other people infected with HIV such as: medication, sub-drugs, tattoos or piercings
Having a mother infected with HIV, can transmit it to her baby
Men who have sex with other men or homosexuals are at risk

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