The Mechanism Of Fever Chills?

Illustration of The Mechanism Of Fever Chills?
Illustration: The Mechanism Of Fever Chills?

Why in the pathophysiology of fever conversion, are there shivers and some are immediately hot?

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Body temperature regulation is located in the hypothalamus. The receptors are on the skin. Normal body temperature is 36.5-37.2 degrees Celsius. If less than 36.5 degrees Celsius is called subnormal, more than 37.2 degrees Celsius is called febrile or fever. Meanwhile, if the temperature below 35 degrees Celsius is called hypothermia, if more than 41.2 degrees Celsius is called hyperprexia or high heat.

In the event of a brain disorder or infection, the set points in the hypothalamus change to be higher than normal body temperature. Thus causing some body protection mechanisms to adjust body temperature to set point temperature in the hypothalamus. This mechanism is carried out by resisting the release of heat from the skin and increasing body heat production. The way to hold heat in the skin is to reduce the size of the skin's blood vessels. The way to produce body heat is the activation of skeletal muscles, this is called shivering. In addition, body heat is also produced from an increase in body metabolism. The body's metabolism increases due to fighting toxic or viral or bacterial substances.

After the body's heat is retained in the skin and body heat production also increases, resulting in a person becoming feverish. That is the reason someone experiences chills before the emergence of complaints of high fever. Because shivering is an additional effort in generating body heat. In normal fever, generally not accompanied by chills.

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