The Mechanism Of Gemelli Pregnancy (twins) To LBW (low Birth Weight)?

Illustration of The Mechanism Of Gemelli Pregnancy (twins) To LBW (low Birth Weight)?
Illustration: The Mechanism Of Gemelli Pregnancy (twins) To LBW (low Birth Weight)?

Night. Want to ask, how can the mechanism of gemelli / twin pregnancy can cause LBW? Please help, thanks

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During a single pregnancy, mothers need more nutrition than when not pregnant. If the fetus is in a mother's womb (gemelli), of course these nutritional needs will be even more. If the mother does not meet these nutritional needs by consuming a variety of nutrient-rich foods and drinks, the fetus is indeed more at risk of developing LBW (low birth weight). Frequently, the mother's inability to meet nutritional needs during pregnancy is due to:

Severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy --- in twin pregnant women, due to hormonal influences, nausea and vomiting that appears can be much more severe than single pregnant women
Changes in mood, which causes appetite up and down
The sensation of being full, which is also caused by the insistence of the growing fetus (if the fetus is twins, of course the mother will be full sooner)
Poor socioeconomic conditions
Unhealthy lifestyle of mothers, for example due to smoking or consuming alcohol
Experiencing other medical conditions, for example digestive infections, food allergies, inflammation of the intestine, and so on

Not only from the mother's factors, fetal factors, such as congenital defects, digestive disorders, placental disorders, infections, and so on can also make them more vulnerable to LBW. Plus, Gemelli fetuses are also more at risk of being born prematurely, so that their weight is automatically small at birth.

As you can observe from our explanation above, that there are so many factors that can cause gemelli fetuses to be more prone to LBW. Therefore, extra care must be performed on pregnant women with gemelli so that the fetus in the womb can develop properly. That's all our explanation. For more details, do not hesitate to consult directly with your nearest doctor or obstetrician.

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