The Medicine For Cracked Feet.?

Illustration of The Medicine For Cracked Feet.?
Illustration: The Medicine For Cracked Feet.?

Morning, sorry I want to ask, I broke my feet, “both feet and toes, like to heel and like to bleed, sometimes itchy” and festered. so the legs like dry like that, sometimes itching, and aching, until it can’t walk I have been like this for a long timeiiI have used baby soap, have not healed well every night i like to wash it with NACL and use hend body. Is there another solution?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Chapped foot skin and soles, a sign that the area is dry and does not get enough moisture. As a result, the skin is cracked, open, and can be injured to bleed. There are various causes of the skin not getting moist or becoming too dry, including:

Being in the cold
Not consuming enough water
Soak in the bathroom or swimming pool for too long
Exposed to certain chemicals
Certain medical conditions such as psoriasis, diabetes, and atopic dermatitis

Congenital skin condition that is indeed dry and or sensitive

In your case, because you have experienced it for a long time, the probable cause is not only because of a temporary thing such as being in a cold room or drinking less water, but because of a disease or skin congenital. Although not as a major cause, factors such as lack of water and soaking in the pool for too long can still be the trigger for your cause.

With this condition, it is very likely that it cannot completely heal, but you must treat it painstakingly by keeping your skin moist and avoiding things that can trigger dry skin on the feet, such as by drinking lots of water, use gentle soap such as baby soap , avoid bathing with hot water, not soaking or swimming for too long, use petroleum jelly or coconut oil on the feet at night then cover the feet with socks, use a humidifier, rub the pumice on the broken leg skin after previously soaking foot in soapy water for 5 minutes and use foot cream containing urea, alpha hydroxy acid. Saccharide isomerate and silicone.

In addition, if you have not previously checked yourself into a dermatologist, you should check yourself with a dermatologist, to be more clear about the cause of origin of your condition, and given other supporting treatment. So, hopefully answering your question.

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