The Menstrual Cycle Is Irregular?

Illustration of The Menstrual Cycle Is Irregular?
Illustration: The Menstrual Cycle Is Irregular?

Hello morning, I am a woman who was married 1 ago and my age is now 22 years old I want to ask for irregular menstrual cycles for a maximum of 40 days 2 times and the fastest 31 days is only 1 time, how do we know our ovulation period and I have also use the fertile period prediction app, so what I have used is the benchmark for seeing the fertile period in clander. Then, from the beginning of my marriage, I brought a baby for a while, now it has not been gifted. What are some tips for eating a child from an irregular menstrual cycle

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Irregular menstrual cycle and calculate the fertile period

How to calculate the most fertile period for irregular menstruation

Knowing the fertile period for irregular menstrual cycles

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