The Most Appropriate Time To Do A Test Pack?

I want to ask if I can do a test pack at night? After menstruation, and can I do a test pack during menstruation? Are the results original or not?

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Hello Ukthi Yuliananda, thank you for asking at

Based on the hormone cycle in the body, the most appropriate time to do a test pack examination is in the morning, especially using the urine that is released first time when you wake up. This is more recommended because the urine that was first released contains pregnancy hormone levels ( beta hCG) the most compared to other times, so it can provide results that are quite accurate. However, if you want to do it at night, it is still permissible, but if possible, do a repeat examination using the urine that is released first time in the morning.

As for your next question, please note that menstruation is a sign that you are not having a pregnancy because when menstruation occurs, your uterine lining is decaying and also the hormone conditions in your body are at the lowest level, so this condition is very unlikely to occur attachment and also development of the fetus in the womb. Therefore, if you are certain to have a period, then you do not need to do a test pack when you are menstruating because you almost certainly do not experience a pregnancy.

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