The Most Effective Treatment For Stroke?

Illustration of The Most Effective Treatment For Stroke?
Illustration: The Most Effective Treatment For Stroke?

want to ask whether the occurrence of mild stroke and nerves in the hindbrain can be caused by our lifestyle such as drinking alcohol and drugs? And what is the most effective treatment for the disease?

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Unhealthy lifestyles, whether drinking or taking drugs, are a form of habit that can damage your health. This habit can affect the body system, both the digestive system, blood vessels, nervous system, vision, or brain. The accumulation of toxic substances that are collected in the body will become toxic materials that disrupt the body's metabolic system, causing damage to the body's organ systems.
Some of the side effects of the consumption of illegal drugs and alcohol are:
1. transmission of diseases, such as HIV, where distribution through shared syringes can be at risk of causing HIV transmission
2. disorders of the heart and blood vessels, where damage to blood vessels and the burden of the heart can cause interference with the supply of oxygen to organs, emboli and blood vessels to organs both to the eye or to the brain
3. stroke
4. mental disorders, such as anxiety, stress, paranoid, or anti-social
5. impaired kidney function, because the kidney's workload is increasing
6. liver disorders
7. digestive disorders, whether in the form of complaints of nausea, abdominal pain or appetite disorders
8. disruption of social relations both in family life and work environment or the surrounding environment
Therefore, evaluate your reasons (if you are a drug or alcohol user) using it, and evaluate the long-term benefits and risks to your health. By understanding the reasons you are taking it, it is hoped that you can find a solution and prevent this habit from continuing. If environmental factors or friends trigger these habits, then you should be able to limit yourself to this condition, so you can control these habits for your own good.
As such, these bad habits can possibly cause mild strokes or nervous system disorders and mental health. The best treatment is to prevent this habit continues in the future, and conduct consultation and treatment with a neurologist if a stroke has occurred.
Apart from this bad habit, several other conditions can also cause minor strokes and nerve disorders, such as:
1. high blood pressure
2. excess blood cholesterol
3. heart and blood vessel disease
4. history of head trauma
To find out your general health condition and the exact cause of the health disorder that you are feeling, then discuss it directly with a neurologist. Treatment will be given by a doctor according to the results of physical and supportive examinations obtained either by blood or MRI examination. Pengobata can only be given by the doctor who treats you, because your doctor better understands your clinical condition.
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