The Nails Fell Off After A Week Of Trauma?

Illustration of The Nails Fell Off After A Week Of Trauma?
Illustration: The Nails Fell Off After A Week Of Trauma?

3 weeks ago my toenail broke in half as a result of hitting a wall (it was broken but still stuck to the finger). I treated my nails by giving betadine and then wrapped them in a bandage. After 1 week, the wound on my nails dried up and didn’t bleed anymore … But, just now, my broken nail was still stuck to the finger, now it’s removed with itself without bleeding. Is that all right? so currently I only have half my nails left

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Nails can come off when hit by impact, which is normal. Loose nails can vary depending on the severity of the impact. From the situation you are experiencing, if your nail is half a week after the impact, then it is a natural thing. The nails that come off 1 week later after the impact are usually not followed by bleeding, because the blood vessels tend to close.

Loose nails generally do not require any special therapy or treatment. You only need to do wound care at home such as closing wounds when you are outside the house, give antiseptic fluids after every shower. avoid using shoes that are too narrow.

If there are complaints such as swelling and pus coming out of the wound, you should see a doctor directly so that the doctor can check your condition directly, and later can provide the right therapy.

Here's an article that you can read about loose nails

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