The Natural Cause Of Seizures Is 5 Minutes?

Illustration of The Natural Cause Of Seizures Is 5 Minutes?
Illustration: The Natural Cause Of Seizures Is 5 Minutes?

I want to ask, my husband is 34 years old, 3 months back, my husband had a seizure, a seizure that lasted about less than 5 minutes and after that experienced a decrease in awareness and when he realized he was sure to ask what was wrong and why without remembering at all the events that I just felt it, the first time in October seizures, if I am not mistaken, remembering that I fell into the floor, the 2nd of December when I went out of town and the third at the beginning of February, if if you have stomach pain can affect seizures, before I have never had a seizure like this only since 1 year back yesterday dy often felt headaches like vertigo, and had not recurred in a few months thank you Lord vertigo but instead there was another illness yaa experienced this seizure, I have never brought a husband I went to a neurologist but God willing, I want to take it straight away tomorrow, is there any prevention or treatment for this seizure? ??

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Seizures or seizures are disorders of the central nervous system due to uncontrolled conductance of electrical impulses. Characterized by bumps in the whole body or certain body parts without or accompanied by a decrease in consciousness. In addition, spasms can also take other forms such as blank stares or twitching muscles. There are many diseases that can occur with seizures, including:
1. Epilepsy, seizures that occur are not proven to have an organic abnormality based on a physician's physical examination and supporting examinations, such as CT-scan without or with contrast. Meanwhile, there are EEG results (examination of nerve electrical conductivity records) that refer to epilepsy. Seizures in epilepsy are triggered emotional stress, fatigue and consumption of certain drugs.
2. Brain infections, such as meningitis or encephalitis. In addition to seizures will be accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, joint pain, muscle pain, headache, vomiting spraying and neck stiffness.
3. Blockage of cerebral blood flow, such as ischemic stroke. Symptoms will be accompanied by weakness that occurs in one side of the limbs. Also accompanied by weakness in half the facial muscles and Pello or difficulty speaking.
4. Brain hemorrhage. Can occur due to trauma or high blood pressure until the blood vessels of the brain burst (called hemorrhagic stroke).
5. Brain tumors.
Because many things can be related to what happens to your husband, the best way is to consult directly with a neurologist. The doctor will dig up a history of the disease, do a physical examination (especially specifically nerves) and request a supporting examination (such as CT scans of the head without and with cons and EEG). Handling is done is based on the cause of the disease.
To avoid recurring seizures, take anti-seizure medications that your doctor regularly prescribes, manage stress well and rest to avoid fatigue. It's best to avoid putting your husband in a fall prone area, such as the 2nd floor and around the swimming pool.

Also read how to overcome when a seizure occurs here.
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