The Neck Feels Warm?

Today my back of my neck suddenly felt warm and soon followed by other parts of my body also felt warm, indeed today the weather was very hot, and some days I was also coughing a bit, guess why?

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Hello Putri, thank you for asking

The weather is sometimes hot, sometimes cold makes the body adapt, especially the immune system that continues to improve itself so that the body remains stable. Often the weather is very easy to change to make the body finally overwhelmed, the immune system down and susceptible to disease in the respiratory system. This happens because the respiratory system is one of the main doors that is easily entered by microorganisms such as viruses or bacteria. From the symptoms that you experience, there are several possible diseases that occur, namely:

  ARI. ARI is an acute respiratory infection wherein the respiratory tract infection causes symptoms of cough, runny nose, accompanied by fever and is highly contagious for anyone especially elderly and children due to the immune system that has begun to decline. ARI is caused by a lot of viruses and can heal itself so there is no need for influenza antibiotics. Influenza also attacks the airways which are often considered common cold coughs. Though both are different because the cause of the virus is different even though the symptoms look similar. Symptoms of the flu are more severe and appear suddenly compared to common cold, the symptoms are mild and gradual. Common cold. Common cold is a cold or a common cold cough with mild symptoms, sometimes without fever. Most are caused by viruses so they can subside on their own. Coughing is the body's normal defense response to expel foreign substances from the throat. Besides coughing will prevent foreign objects from entering the lower airway. If coughing occurs only occasionally, this is normal, because it can help move the phlegm in charge of keeping the airway damp. If then the cough that is felt is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, to shortness, and you have a history of traveling from an infected country or local transmission area, then beware of serious diseases such as pneumonia or COVID-19 caused by the corona virus. Immediately check directly with the doctor so that good and proper management can be done.

Meanwhile, to reduce the symptoms of cough and not feeling well, you can do the following tips:

 Take fever-lowering medications such as paracetamol if the warm body you feel is getting higher; Eat lozenges or menthol-containing candy to soothe the throat; Consumption of multivitamins that contain vitamin C to increase endurance; Keep the room temperature warm and humid; If needed, you can take a cough reliever that is sold freely at the pharmacy. I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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