The Neck Hurts To The Shoulder As If It Is Pulled?

Illustration of The Neck Hurts To The Shoulder As If It Is Pulled?
Illustration: The Neck Hurts To The Shoulder As If It Is Pulled?

Night, I was dito, age 30 years old, want to ask? R nAlready for a week my neck on the right side of the back hurts like being pulled from the shoulders to the lower head, behind the ears … large veins appear like pulling, it doesn’t really hurt, just to bow my head like pulling, not Tengengen. r nWhy?

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Hello Dito

Complaints of neck pain as experienced by you have several medical considerations, such as the result of looking down for too long or sleeping in an uncomfortable position so that eventually the neck muscles become stiff, another consideration is the presence of pinched neck vertebrae. Then the injury / trauma to the neck can also cause damage to the neck joints and muscle tissue in the neck. Even some diseases such as neck infections, meningitis, flu, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis can also cause neck pain.

Tengeng (torticollis) itself is a term used to describe a condition of pain in the neck accompanied by a feeling of stiffness when moved on one side of the body, the cause of the occurrence of tengeng is thought to be due to disorders of the nervous system, cervical spine, and neck muscles as well as with complaints of pain in the neck previously described above.

However, to be able to ascertain what conditions Dito actually experienced, doctors need to conduct an examination first, because the symptoms Dito conveyed are still not sufficient to be used as a basis for determining a disease, doctors need to conduct a more focused interview session and also an examination. basic health, if the information obtained is still unable to provide the source of the problem causing the pain in the neck, the doctor may consider supporting examinations such as neck X-rays, CT-scans, or electromyogram (EMG) examinations to determine whether there is electrical activity in the muscles. distraction or not.

The suggestion for Dito is, try to sleep on your back using a pillow that is able to make your spine and cervical vertebrae as if your head is parallel. Do not make it a habit to move your neck with the help of your hands until it makes a "crack" sound, because there is a risk of pinching the neck nerve and even risking it to cause fainting and death.

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