The Nipple Is Like Pus And Pain When Breastfeeding?

Illustration of The Nipple Is Like Pus And Pain When Breastfeeding?
Illustration: The Nipple Is Like Pus And Pain When Breastfeeding?

Good afternoon .. r nSome times there have been a point like pus on my nipple before my right but it is clear (faint), it hurts when I breastfeed .. my child continues to suckle on that breast, eventually it disappears by itself .. r nThen 2 days, a similar spot appears again on the same nipple but looks even more clear. This time it doesn’t hurt while breastfeeding, it doesn’t hurt to touch it, but if the breast is pressed it will hurt. R nPlease note, I only breastfeed on the right breast beforehand. What I want to ask, is what I’m experiencing normal or dangerous? R nIs it okay if my child continues to suckle on the breast where the pus-like point appears? R nThat’s what I want to ask. Before and after, I thank you.

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Hello, Galuh Risma, thank you for asking

Nipple discharge can be normal or abnormal. Fluid that comes out of both nipples and comes out after stimulation (for example due to pressure or milking) is usually still normal, especially in nursing mothers. However, there are a number of abnormal conditions that cause nipple discharge:

1. Mastitis (inflammation of the breast)

2. Breast abscess

2. Fibrocystic mammae

3. Other breast tumors

To determine the cause, you should check with a doctor. The doctor will see what fluid is coming out of the nipples, and a complete physical examination, including your breasts. If necessary, supporting examinations will be carried out such as breast ultrasound, complete blood tests, and biopsy. Treatment will depend on the cause.

Some of these things must be considered and must be checked immediately:

1. If the liquid is red (such as blood)

2. The fluid comes out without any stimulation (expressed, pressed)

3. Fluid comes out only from 1 breast

4. There are other symptoms such as breast lumps and pain

5. Age over 40 years

Before knowing the exact cause of this fluid, you should breastfeed with normal breasts.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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