The Nipples Of The 7-year-old’s Breasts Are Painful, Swollen And Have Lumps

Illustration of The Nipples Of The 7-year-old’s Breasts Are Painful, Swollen And Have Lumps
Illustration: The Nipples Of The 7-year-old’s Breasts Are Painful, Swollen And Have Lumps

Good night .. I want to ask, why does my right breast nipple that is 7 years old hurts, is swollen and there is a lump on the nipple?

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before your child is a girl or boy, if your child is a girl this could be a sign of puberty, if this swelling is experienced by boys it can be said gynecomastia is a condition where breast swelling occurs in boys or men generally caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testisteron. This situation can affect one or two sides of the breast and sometimes uneven on both sides. Generally gynecomastia is a condition that is not serious but can be difficult to overcome. there are several other possible causes for this to occur:

Skin infections such as boils
Cyst: this is a walled and fluid-filled lump.

Atheroma: a wall-shaped lump resembling a cyst but filled with oil.


Enlarged lymph nodes

to ascertain the cause of this must be examined by a doctor to see the shape, consistency, location, size of the lump whether this is not serious or signs of danger. if there are no signs of puberty such as hair growth in the pubic hair that will come with menses, you should consult a doctor to ensure this. to be handled appropriately. There are several things you can do for a while:

compress the affected part with warm water
avoid pressing the lump
to reduce pain can consume syrup paracetamol according to the dosage listed
avoid consuming foods that contain too much MSG

Thus the info I can give

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