The Normal Fetal Heart Rate Is 8 Weeks?

Illustration of The Normal Fetal Heart Rate Is 8 Weeks?
Illustration: The Normal Fetal Heart Rate Is 8 Weeks?

Evening, I want to ask, last time I checked with Dr. Spog, my fetal heart rate is 200, at 8 weeks, is it still normal? What causes a high heart rate? For a while the doctor spog still recommends another routine check at 10 weeks, but I’m still not calm. thanks.

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Hello Ika,

One of the indicators checked during pregnancy control is the fetal heart rate (FHR). In general, the FHR normally ranges from 110-150 beats / minute, but several studies have stated that FHR is still within the normal range of 120-160 beats / minute.

In early pregnancy, the FHR can be more variable, generally at 8 weeks the FHR ranges from 150-175 beats / minute. FHR that is slightly above normal or just above the upper limit is often okay. It's just that if the FHR value is very far above normal, for example more than 200 beats / minute, it is necessary to think again about the cause.

Some of the possibilities that could cause FHR above normal limits include:

The presence of chromosomal or genetic abnormalities in the fetus
Hyperthyroidism in mother
Medicines that the mother took
Infection in mother
Infection of the fetus
The fetus is deprived of oxygen
A fetal compromise condition where the heart is at risk of falling into fetal distress

For now try to stay calm, keep thinking positively, and keep praying. We recommend that you return to control to the obstetrician on a schedule so that the condition of the fetus can be monitored properly. Try not to stress, get enough rest, consume healthy and nutritious foods, drink enough water, don't get tired, and take pregnancy supplements as recommended by your obstetrician.

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