The Normal Size Of The Vagina Of A 2 Year Old Child?

Illustration of The Normal Size Of The Vagina Of A 2 Year Old Child?
Illustration: The Normal Size Of The Vagina Of A 2 Year Old Child?

my child is 2 years old. normal 2years old vaginal width and pictures. just suspicious if someone is naughty how come it’s wide

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The vagina is an organ that is elastic. It can be small enough to hold a tampon (for example, when bleeding occurs), but it can also be large enough to accommodate the passage of the baby at birth.

In fact, there is no standard set of exact normal vaginal size or vaginal width. In the medical realm, what is often used as a reference is the length of the vaginal canal. In a woman who has never been pregnant, the length of the vaginal opening normally ranges from 2.75 to 3.25 inches when not being stimulated. Meanwhile, when sexually stimulated, the size of the vaginal opening can reach up to 4.25 to 4.75 inches.

Regarding the width of the vaginal opening as you ask, it is not specified what the normal size is. However, you also need to know that the width of the vaginal opening cannot be used as a reference whether a woman has had sexual intercourse, whether intentionally or not, or not. The only way that can be done is to ask directly, whether there has indeed been vaginal penetration or not.

However, because of the difficulty of doing this in the condition of your child who is only 2 years old, then you should get your child examined directly by an obstetrician. If sexual harassment is suspected, the doctor usually recommends that you report to the police station so that a visum is made. Next, the doctor can perform an examination, usually using a digital rectal test to assess whether the hymen inside your child's vagina is still intact or not. If the incident has just happened, the doctor can also examine the tissue around your child's vagina to assess the possibility of remaining sperm.

Indeed, whether the hymen is intact or not in women cannot be a definite indicator of whether or not sexual penetration has occurred into the vagina. Because, there are also babies who are born without an intact hymen or even without a hymen at all. However, it seems that this examination can be used as a basis (but not the only one) in confirming suspicions of child sexual abuse.

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