The Normal Value Of IQ And How To Improve It

Illustration of The Normal Value Of IQ And How To Improve It
Illustration: The Normal Value Of IQ And How To Improve It

Hello, I’m Alvyna. I want to ask. Is a high IQ certain that the person is a genius / smart? can IQ change? what about someone’s low IQ? for example 98, why is that possible? how to improve IQ or brain performance? Thank you, best regards.

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Hello Alvyna,

Thank you for the question.

IQ test (intelligence quotient) is a standard test that can be done to assess a person's intelligence, including cognitive abilities, talents, intellectual abilities, thinking abilities, and the ability to use their logic in general. This IQ test can be done as a material consideration in the selection of study majors or careers, predict work skills, also assess intellectual barriers. However, it needs to be understood, that IQ test results are not always accurate in determining a person's intelligence level. Because, there are several factors that can also influence the accuracy of IQ test results, including:

The type of test performed
Credibility of IQ test organizers
Environmental conditions when doing an IQ test, for example noise, lighting
Physical and psychological condition of the patient during an IQ test, such as adequate sleep, have eaten or not, are stressed or not, and so on

In addition to the things above, a person's IQ is also influenced by a variety of other factors, such as genetics, patterns of care since childhood, level of education, association, activities carried out daily, nutritional intake, certain illnesses suffered, and so on.

In general, IQ test results are classified into several groups, namely genius (140 or more), very intelligent (130-139), intelligent (120-129), normal high (110-119), normal / average (90- 109), normal low (80-89), stupid (70-79), and mental retardation (69 or less). Therefore, it is not quite true to call the IQ 98 value low. This IQ score can actually still be considered normal, and the original could have been higher if done with excellent physical and psychological conditions, and a supportive environment.

The question is, how to improve intelligence? The following steps can be done:

Be diligent in exercising your brain, such as by actively studying, reading a lot, playing puzle, crossword puzzles, and other intelligence exercises
Busy your days with productive activities, including by exercising, doing hobbies, honing your potential, interacting with your family and the environment --- except during a COVID-19 pandemic like this, where you have to maintain a social distance so as not to contract the disease
Avoid things that can reduce intelligence, such as daydreaming, lamenting fate, being lazy, consuming alcohol or drugs, watching porn, masturbating, getting angry
Make sure you consume a variety of foods that have a balanced nutritional value
Get enough sleep between your busy hours (6-9 hours a day)

As long as your IQ is not classified as mental retardation, it seems that this intelligence can still be improved as long as you undergo the above treatment. Indeed, increasing intelligence cannot be done in an instant way, but requires patience and high-level discipline. However, if you are classified as a person with mental retardation (for example due to Down syndrome), it seems that, despite optimal treatment, it will be difficult for your IQ to be as high as a normal person. You can further consult this with your doctor or psychiatrist.

Hope this helps ...

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