The Nose Is Clogged

Illustration of The Nose Is Clogged
Illustration: The Nose Is Clogged

Hello, I don’t have a cold and I don’t have a fever, but the top of my nose feels clogged like there is a runny nose but I don’t feel any snot, also in my throat there is a lump, it feels like I want to keep pulling mucus by breathing in and then coming out through mouth becomes cracked, but nothing happens, what action should I take?

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Hello, thank you for asking

Nasal congestion is a condition wherein the nasal passages are swollen, causing the breath to become somewhat suit and feel inseparable. This situation occurs because of inflammation or irritation that can be caused by various diseases such as:

Allergy. An allergic condition is a reaction of the human immune system that is hyperrsensitive (too sensitive) to certain substances that cause reactions in the form of colds, itching on the skin, sneezing, coughing, until breathing.

Flu. The disease that often infects many people is caused by viruses and bacteria. Most are caused by viruses that can recover by themselves. The symptoms are fever, cough, and runny nose.

Sinusitis. This disease is inflammation of the sinus wall. The sinuses are small cavities that are connected through airways in the skull bones. Sinusitis often arises due to complications from allergic reactions due to prolonged colds making it easy for bacteria to infect sinuses,

If you do not have a fever or cough, it is very likely that your nasal congestion is a result of an allergic reaction. Consider what can cause your nose to become blocked, such as cigarette smoke, dust, dry air, and cold air. If your nasal congestion is caused by a cold, you will also feel weakness, headaches and sometimes fever.

See your doctor immediately if you experience the following:

There is a mucus that smells of color other than yellow and white;
Nasal congestion is accompanied by visual disturbances and swelling in the forehead, eyes, sides of the nose and cheeks;
The throat hurts and there are white or yellow patches in the throat;
Nasal congestion accompanied by coughing up tightness

Regarding the corona virus pandemic, I suggest to postpone checking into a health facility if there is no emergency or no such things occur. It is best to stay home and do physical surgery to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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