The Nose Reddish And The Left Ear Hurts?

Hello. I want to ask. I have a cold, sneeze, cough with phlegm. Quite a lot of snot every day, there are 10 / 11x snot in a day. But recently there was something strange, usually the snot is a pale green color, indeed my snot is the color normally. But the right side is just a normal color, if the left side has red-red color. Is that blood dirty or what? And my left ear also likes pain sometimes. Please give an explanation

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Hello Anis,

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Colds, sneezing, and cough with phlegm usually indicate allergic reactions that trigger inflammation in the respiratory tract. It could also be, these complaints arise due to irritation, nasal polyps, infections, or also the entry of foreign objects into the nasal cavity. As a result of the process of removing the snot that is too hard and excessive, indeed, it is not uncommon for blood vessels around the nasal cavity to burst. This is most likely to cause reddish spots on your nasal mucus. It could also, reddish mucus indicates a benign or malignant tumor, bleeding disorders, malformations of blood vessels around the nasal cavity, sinusitis, drug side effects, and so on.

Not infrequently, inflammation in the respiratory tract will spread to the ears, because there is a special channel that connects the two (Eustachian tubes). Inflammation in the ear is a possibility that makes your ears feel pain.

You should check your complaint directly to the doctor or ENT specialist doctor so that the best treatment is provided. Frequently, mild conditions will improve simply by administering several types of drugs. If necessary, the doctor can also do blood tests, x-rays, rhinoscopy, and so on to give you further treatment.

Right now, here are our recommendations for you:

If there are substances that often make you allergic, distance yourself from these substances
Use a mask over the nose and oral cavity
Don't blow your nose too hard
Do not also pry excessive nose
Use an air humidifier in the room where you live
Avoid using air conditioners or fans that are too cold
Drink plenty of warm water
Many also eat fruit that is rich in vitamin C
Stay away from cigarettes
much rest

Hope this helps ...

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