The Nose Still Remains Blocked After Sinus, Conka And Septal Surgery?

Illustration of The Nose Still Remains Blocked After Sinus, Conka And Septal Surgery?
Illustration: The Nose Still Remains Blocked After Sinus, Conka And Septal Surgery?

Hello, I want to ask .. My nose is blocked on the left and right, the dominant right, if I sleep on my side to the left slowly the blockage moves to the left, if I take a shower, but it doesn’t take long anymore … And I have undergone the first 3x surgery for sinusitis, the changes the water from the roof of the mouth didn’t drip again, but it was clogged but still, because the blockage was still there, I operated again with a different doctor, but I operated on the same hospital if I didn’t reduce it wrong, the doctor said the Konka was big but after the operation it still didn’t There was a change, I decided again for surgery at a different hospital, he said the bone was going to be scraped by the doctor, during the examination I asked if my nose had deviation from the septum, then from the ct scan results he said it was light, then operate … But still there is no change .. Actually, my nose can’t be completely healed. How about it? ,, because I am afraid to undergo medical treatment, afraid that it will end up having another operation, the tampon is very torturous, please help,? …

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From the information you conveyed, the existence of a history of ENT examinations and surgeries that you underwent before, in general, it can be seen the possible causes of the complaints you convey, either by physical examination, X-rays, or CT scans that you have previously undergone. Because these examinations can determine the general condition of the nasal cavity and surrounding organs.

The operation of the sinuses, konka, and septum is a measure of surgery to be done based on the results of existing examinations, and to eliminate or reduce your complaints. However, if the operation does not produce a positive result for your complaint, it is necessary to know other possible causes, such as:

1. allergy, allergy testing will help determine the cause

2. vasomotor rhinitis, affected by changes in the blood vessels in your nasal cavity

3. physical exhaustion

4. smoking or exposure to excess pollution

5. the habit of sleeping late at night

What can be done next is to consult your ENT doctor again to discuss the possible causes of the complaint you feel. You can ask for a second opinion to the ENT doctor in a major hospital in your city. And if you don't expect surgery, then you can also tell the doctor who treats you not to do surgery, unless the cause has been confirmed so that your complaints will be reduced or gone. So that to make sure you can recover or not, it can only be confirmed by the doctor who treated you with the results of the examination.

What you can do next to help reduce the severity of your current complaint are:

1. Avoid smoking, alcohol or anything that affects your health

2. Do it regularly, with regular exercise, it is hoped that after 2 months these complaints can be reduced

3. Avoid sleeping late

4. avoid or limit consumption of light foods, spicy, foods containing excess salt and MSG

5. enough water

6. Use a nose mask

7. If cold temperatures increase this complaint, then limit the use of air conditioners

That's the info we can convey, also read vasomotor rhinitis.


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