The One-sided Headache That Doesn’t Heal?

Illustration of The One-sided Headache That Doesn’t Heal?
Illustration: The One-sided Headache That Doesn’t Heal?

Hello doctor, please enlighten me. I am a freelance working in an advertising company in Solo. When after sunset, I always feel my head hurt. often the right side and if held feels pain. I initiative to give warm oil or medicine to reduce pain and dizziness usually I take paracetamol / ibuprofein.

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Hello Shany, thanks for the question.

Based on the description of the symptoms that you give, it is also possible that you have a migraine. Other possibilities are cluster type headaches and tension type headaches. Migraines can occur during childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood. Women have a risk that is 3x higher than men for migraine. Generally migraines reach their peak in their 20s or 30s and then decrease in later ages. Migraine can occur acute and chronic. It is said chronic migraine if in one month, a total occurs more than 15 days with migraine, and experienced for 3 consecutive months.

The cause is unclear. Possibly related to the presence of certain gene mutations. Risk factors for someone to experience migraine will increase if:

There are family members (one generation above you) who also experience migraines. Girl. Changes in hormonal balance, for example during menstruation. Age Symptoms include one or both headaches, feeling like throbbing, moderate to severe intensity pain, worsening with certain changes in position and movement, sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, and sensitivity to sound or light. Several factors can increase the frequency of migraine events, for example:

Psychological stress Poor sleep patterns, lack of sleep or too much sleep Certain types of food, for example foods that contain lots of preservatives and MSG. Certain drinks, such as alcoholic drinks. Certain sounds, lights or smells. The effects of certain drugs, such as contraception. Migraine can occur with or without prodormal symptoms and aura. These symptoms for example, tense and stiff neck, flare or flashes on sight, mood changes.

Consult this with a neurologist. The doctor may need to do tests like CT-scan or MRI to rule out suspicions of brain structure disorders. You can try paracetamol and ibuprofen to overcome them. Take the drug at the beginning of the attack, before the migraine becomes severe. When a migraine is severe, the effects of the drug will generally be more difficult to achieve. Other precautions you take are also appropriate. Maintain regular exercise habits, choose a good diet, recognize and deal with stress factors, and get a good night's sleep. Other treatments can be triptans, ergots, anti-convulsion drugs, beta blockers, and anti-nausea. However, these drugs, including hard drugs so their use must be on the advice of a doctor.

Hopefully this answer can add to your insight. Regards.

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