The Operation Process For People With Liver Disorders?

Illustration of The Operation Process For People With Liver Disorders?
Illustration: The Operation Process For People With Liver Disorders?

Evening doctor .. r n r nWhat is the position of the operation if you have fulminant vural hepatitis? I want to know how the operation process is

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Fulminant hepatitis is a condition in which the liver has a drastic decline in function. This can be caused by infection of the liver by the hepatitis virus or ebstain barr virus, impaired venous blood flow, prolonged use of herbs, acetaminophen poisoning, certain antibiotics and cancer treatments. The condition of fulminant hepatitis is life-threatening, so it needs proper treatment as soon as possible

In diagnosing patients with fulminant hepatitis, the doctor will dig deeper into the patient's complaints first. The initial symptoms that patients often complain about include dizziness, nausea, yellowish skin, and yellowish white of the eyeball. In addition, the doctor will perform a physical examination as well as supporting examinations such as blood and urine checks, liver scans and biopsy if needed.

Treatment of fulminant hepatitis depends on the underlying cause, for example if the cause is acetaminophen poisoning, the doctor will prescribe an antidote or neutralizer. Another treatment is to provide antivirals (if the cause is a viral infection), steroids (in autoimmune cases) or if the organ damage is very severe then the last option is to perform surgery (liver transplant). The doctor will replace the patient's liver with a donor liver that has normal liver function.

The process of liver transplant surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The doctor will make an incision in the abdomen to access the liver. Then the patient's liver will be disconnected from the blood vessels and bile ducts, and replaced with the liver from a healthy donor.

After the operation is complete, patients are usually treated in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for close monitoring, in addition, patients are usually given long-term drugs to maintain optimal immunity.

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