The Palms And Soles Of The Feet Come Out With Runny Bumps?

want to ask this one week the soles of my feet that initially came out spots that were very itchy and quite disturbing. Because the lump was quite large. If it is pressed, the diarrhea will become a bump again. And a few days later, watery spots also appeared on the hand. It also gathered in one area only. Is that dangerous huh? Is that a feature of a disease? Is there a cure? Because it feels so itchy to want to scratch and sometimes until squeezed until it ruptures.

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Skin disorders in the form of fluid-filled nodules (vesicles) that itch on the hands and feet may be caused by several conditions such as:

1. Dishidrotic dermatitis, which is characterized by the presence of vesicles in the palms, soles, and fingers which can be acute, chronic, and recurrent. It is also related to genetic factors, contact with irritants, fungal infections /
bacteria, drugs, cigarettes, food, emotional stress,

2. Hand foot mouth disease, initially symptoms of fever that is not too high, decreased appetite, and weakness. Then the pain arises in the mouth area due to enanthema or canker sores. Rashes on the skin in the form of nodules filled with fluid that is not itchy, and usually also not painful. Rashes can appear on the hands, around the mouth, legs, buttocks, arms, and lower legs.

3. Pioderma, or gram-positive bacterial infection from the Staphylococcal and Streptococcal groups on the surface of the skin. Characterized by early symptoms shaped like small, itchy nodules, can contain fluid or pus with a reddish base and surrounding margins. This complaint can expand into swelling accompanied by pain. Then the pustules can break leaving a scab.

To ascertain the underlying cause of your complaint, you should do further consultation with your doctor for a direct physical examination. Each of the above abnormalities has a different lesion appearance in the skin so a direct assessment is needed. Treatment for each condition will be different, for example in dishidortic dermatitis requires steroid therapy while in pyoderma requires antibiotics, so it cannot be arbitrary to use drugs without a doctor's examination.

While avoiding excessive scratching on the area of ​​skin disorders, keep it dry and clean, and not use over-the-counter medications without a doctor's recommendation.

That's all, hope you can help.

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