The Palms Are Often Tingling?

Illustration of The Palms Are Often Tingling?
Illustration: The Palms Are Often Tingling?

I want to ask, my palms are often tingling because of the tingling stuff and the hands get sick, then the palms are like pins and needles, if you hold them too tight, it can hurt too, but now you just need to tingle if you are pressed against the floor or the wall, there can be a tingling sensation. how was the handling given beforehand

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Hello Bradley,

Thank you for asking

Often tingling and pain in the hand, when referring to your statement, can be caused by blood flow that is not smooth. This condition can occur due to the influence of repetitive activities and body positions that are not ergonomic. Not only that, other factors, such as nerve disorders (for example due to diabetes, lack of neurotropic vitamins, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, or nerve nerves), joint disorders (for example due to rheumatid arthritis, gout), psychological disorders (for example psychosomatic disorders, attacks panic), metabolic disorders (such as hypercholesterolemia, electrolyte balance disorders), alcoholism, and so on, can also contribute to this pain and tingling.

Need to be clear, do you also experience swelling, redness, stiffness, numbness, or other complaints on your hands? How long has this complaint arisen? Have you ever suffered an injury to a hand that is currently experiencing complaints?

If the complaint feels very burdensome for your activities, you should not just let it go. Check with yourself directly to a doctor or neurologist so that you can be given the right treatment. Further examination, for example x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound, MRI, laboratory, and so on may be recommended by the doctor if deemed necessary. At home, you should try the following treatments:

Hand compresses that experience complaints with warm water
Do not massage carelessly experiencing complaints
Rest first hand experiencing complaints from excessive physical activity
Eat a variety of balanced nutritious foods, rich in vitamins B1, B6, and B12
Exercise regularly
Do not smoke
Stay away from alcohol

Hope this helps ...

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