The Palms Of The Hands And Feet Are Red And Sweaty?

Illustration of The Palms Of The Hands And Feet Are Red And Sweaty?
Illustration: The Palms Of The Hands And Feet Are Red And Sweaty? Bing

lm, introduce my name mayang 19 years old.nI want to ask, it’s been a long time since my palms and feet have been red and sweaty, are there any symptoms of a dangerous disease?

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Hello, Maya. Basically the soles of the feet and hands are reddish in color, this is due to the many blood vessels that are visible in these areas. You can compare the reddened palms with those around you. This can be caused by:

Environment. People who live in higher elevations, such as mountains, tend to have a redder face and palms. This is because mountainous areas have lower oxygen levels so the body's red blood cells must bind more oxygen
Excess red blood cells in the body.
Thyroid hormone disorders
in smokers and alcohol drinkers

Need further examination for this, especially laboratory tests for your blood tests. need to see your red blood cell and hemoglobin levels. From there the doctor will analyze whether there are abnormalities or other things. Meanwhile, sweaty hands can be caused by various things. Excessive sweating of the palms is also known as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis itself is not necessarily a sign of danger, it could possibly be caused by a hot environment or other things. Some of the causes include:

Sweat gland disorders
Nervous disorders
Excessive stress causes the sweat glands to become more active
In some cases it can be influenced by genetics (heredity)

We recommend that if this condition really bothers you, it never hurts to consult a doctor for a more complete examination. The doctor will conduct an in-person examination and recommend additional examinations if necessary. In the meantime you should not worry too much. You can do the following:

Stress management
Eat a balanced nutritious diet on a regular basis
drink enough water at least 2 liters every day
because you are still a good teenager, it is good to divide your time in activities with enough rest

Hope it is useful

dr. Eni Yulvia S

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