The Penis Is Shortened After Cleaning?

Illustration of The Penis Is Shortened After Cleaning?
Illustration: The Penis Is Shortened After Cleaning?

Congratulations sianq, I want to ask something, my penis is shortened after washing it with soap, and when I clean it with soap? Accidentally too strong using the soap and, his skin looks red and feels sore, if I hit the water, and a few days later, my penis is shortened to 1cm, when I don’t have an erection of 5cm, and when he has an erection of 10cm, is that a normal group?

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Hi Wilyam,

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Under normal conditions, the penis will shorten when it is not experiencing an erection. In addition, chubby posture and cold environmental temperatures, including when you shower with cold water, can also cause the penis to appear shortened due to being pulled in by the surrounding muscles. Penile shortening due to the above normal conditions should only be temporary and should not be accompanied by other complaints.

Unlike the condition you are currently experiencing, penile shortening that is preceded by a penis that looks red and also pain may occur due to other causes. Judging from the history of the actions you have taken before, namely cleaning the penis too vigorously with soap, your complaint may arise due to irritation. This irritation on the penis can trigger injury, resulting in the formation of scar tissue that can pull the penis so that it appears to shorten.

If the shortening is not very significant and you are not experiencing any sequelae at this time, then it is probably not dangerous. However, if this condition causes erectile problems, such as bending or pain, then you should still get it checked directly to the doctor for further evaluation. The doctor will examine carefully to determine whether the condition you are experiencing is still reasonable or requires special treatment. . It is also possible that you will be referred to the right specialist doctor, such as a urologist for further treatment.

At this time, you should not tug or manipulate your penis excessively. To keep the penis clean, avoid over-cleaning it, especially using irritating soaps. Simply rinse your genitals using clean water every shower, after urinating, and also after sexual intercourse. Don't forget, only do responsible sexual activity and avoid excessive masturbation.

Take care of the penis

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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