The Period Of Use Of Contact Lenses?

Illustration of The Period Of Use Of Contact Lenses?
Illustration: The Period Of Use Of Contact Lenses?

Excuse me,. I am a college student aged 19 years from a small town. I started using contact lenses in March 2019. The usage period of my contact lenses is 6-12 months. My soaking liquid opens in March 2019 too, there says’ discard any remaining solution 90 days after opening ‘while the expiry date is November 2021. My lens drops open in May 2019, there it says’ immediately remove the remaining liquid 60 days after opening ‘while the expiry date is December 2023. During this time I used the same lenses, soaking liquid and drops until July 2019. Because the holiday season started in May 2019 and ended at the end of August 2019, I could not find optics in my hometown provide lens drops. Nothing strange has happened, but in the past few weeks I have not worn it and I have not replaced the liquid. Later this August I will return to the city to go to college, I want to wear it again. Can my lens still be used if I clean it by heating it using a contact lens special steamer and using a soaking liquid and new lens drops? If so, what is the doctor’s advice? And if not, I will buy it all again. Thanks.

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Hello Myoui,

The use of contact lenses is felt more comfortable for some people. In addition to the purpose of correcting refractive abnormalities, contact lenses are also used for cosmetic purposes. However, extra care is needed to use contact lenses to avoid the danger of infection and others due to contact lens use.

Contact lenses can generally be divided into soft lenses and hard lenses. At present the common contact lens building material is silicone or silicon-hydrogel combination. This material allows oxygen to still enter the back of the contact lens and the cornea remains exposed to oxygen in order to maintain its normal condition. Here are the things about contact lens care that must be considered if you want to use it:

Choose a trusted brand of contact lenses with clear certifications
Disposable use / disposable contact lenses will be safer to use because it is more hygienic than extended wear contact lenses that can be used repeatedly but need to be considered a good cleaning method
Before removing and installing contact lenses you should wash your hands with soap and water first.
Contact lens cleaning liquid is only used to clean contact lenses and soak in a storage container. Clean the contact lenses according to the instructions written or pictured on the package. Contact lens cleaning fluid usually contains preservatives and is packaged in sterile bottles to prevent germs from growing in the liquid. If it has been opened and used, we cannot guarantee that the mouth of the bottle or bottle cap does not come into contact with germs. A warning to remove the liquid after opening after a certain time (for example 90 days) means that the manufacturer does not guarantee that after the bottle has been opened from that time, the substances contained in the liquid will remain sterile / free of germs. So even though it has not expired yet, it should be replaced or if it is used rarely can buy a smaller package to be more efficient.
Use eye drops or artificial tears to wet the contact lenses when worn when it feels dry. Artificial tear drops can use bottle preparations or minidose preparations (such as small tubes). Generally artificial eye drops have a shorter service life than lens cleaners after the packaging is opened ie 30 days (or can be longer as stated on the packaging). The principle is the same as lens cleaning fluid. The use of minidose preparations that have just been opened when you want to use can be more hygienic and unopened packages can be stored longer according to the expired date.
Avoid contact lenses, cleaning fluid, expired eye drops even though the packaging has not been opened
Contact lenses, cleaning fluid, and eye drops can cause eye irritation that is characterized by redness of the eyes, itching, or pain. You should stop using it and consult with your ophthalmologist to get further treatment and the selection of appropriate contact lenses.
Store contact lenses in a special, clean container. Avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive heat because it will dry the contact lens fluid. Lens cleaning fluid and eye drops must also be stored in a cool place according to the packaging instructions.
Although the use of contact lenses is still long, but if the use is already uncomfortable, you should replace it with a new one.
Avoid using contact lenses when sleeping. Avoid contact lenses exposed to water for example, used for swimming.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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