The Pinky Toe Is Bruised Until It Is Swollen?

Illustration of The Pinky Toe Is Bruised Until It Is Swollen?
Illustration: The Pinky Toe Is Bruised Until It Is Swollen?

good afternoon, I am 24-year-old Meidy u003cbr u003 last night I had a little accident that caused my pinky finger to rub on the asphalt road which is now bruised and swollen. feel pain. Is there a way to get rid of it quickly?

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Hello Yuri,

Thank you for asking

Bruised and swollen skin after rubbing against the asphalt road should not be treated with any oil basting. This action can cause skin to become irritated so that inflammation will increasingly become. Not only that, your actions to massage areas that are bruised and swollen can also cause more severe tissue damage so that the bruising and swelling will heal even longer.

To overcome the bruising and swelling on your fingers, we recommend that you take the following steps:

Clean well bruised and swollen areas of the skin, ie using clean gauze moistened with clean cold water or intravenous fluids (NaCl)
Compress the bruised finger with ice cubes
Avoid excessive pressure if you massage your bruised fingers
After the bruises decrease (usually after 1-2 days), replace your finger compress with warm water
Always keep your fingers clean and don't experience excessive friction or pressure
Do not carelessly apply drugs, oil, or any substance to the fingers that are bruised and swollen
Take paracetamol if the pain in your fingers is very annoying

If within 3 days your finger condition still does not improve, we recommend that you do not delay checking your finger condition again to the doctor or surgeon huh .. It is feared, bruising and swelling that does not heal indicates the presence of more serious tissue damage, for example broken bone, joint dislocation, infection, and so on.

I hope this helps.

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