The Placenta Is Bigger Than The Baby

Illustration of The Placenta Is Bigger Than The Baby
Illustration: The Placenta Is Bigger Than The Baby

Hello doc, I want to ask what causes the placenta to be bigger than the baby? And what are the risks if the placenta is bigger than the baby?

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First of all, I want to confirm beforehand, what is the exact age of your pregnancy? If your pregnancy is young (first trimester), then a placenta larger than the baby is normal. If what you mean is that the size of your placenta is larger than normal or also called placentomegaly, then here are some possible causes:

mothers who smoke during pregnancy
certain diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, or anemia in pregnancy
certain infections such as syphilis, parvovirus, CMV, etc.
certain genetic disorders on the results of conception
certain disorders of the placenta itself, for example bleeding in the placenta, tumors in the placenta, etc.
no specific cause

Regarding the risk of placentomegaly for pregnancy, this depends very much on the cause of the placentomegal itself. In some cases there are no specific complications that will occur, but complications can also occur such as placenta previa (placenta that covers the birth canal) or complications from the disease that causes the placentomegalinya.

It's best to do a routine check-up to your obstetrician to monitor your pregnancy. In an abnormal placental condition, examinations should always be done to the obstetrician and not to the midwife. Follow the examination and treatment recommendations from your obstetrician.

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