The Possibility Of A Hernia Can Recover Completely?

Illustration of The Possibility Of A Hernia Can Recover Completely?
Illustration: The Possibility Of A Hernia Can Recover Completely?

Good morning, I am septi 21th. When I was little I liked to jump around until finally my lower stomach hurt so badly, then I was taken to a massage therapist, he said, I had a fall in a sore, r n r n Can a fall in an upset happen again? Is it possible to break the weight if the stomach is experiencing shaking like passing through a damaged road?

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Good evening Septi, thanks for asking at Drops in a snout, or what in medical terms is called a hernia condition, is a condition when an organ in the body protrudes from its original cavity, such as the stomach entering the chest cavity, the intestine that enters the testicular sac, or the intestine that enters the body. the top of the thigh.

Hernia can happen to anyone, men, women, adults and children. The main symptom is usually a lump that initially comes on and off, especially when a person stands, hunches, laughs, pushes, is too hard and for too long, lifting heavy weights and coughs for a long time. Hernias can also occur in those who are overweight, pregnant, have a buildup of fluid in the abdominal cavity, and have a family history of similar complaints.

Regarding your question, please note that hernias occur because there is a certain weak body cavity wall. This is what causes these organs to be pushed out when there is pressure from these activities. So as long as the weak wall has not been repaired, the possibility of a hernia to occur again is very large, but not because of the shock, more on the various factors we mentioned earlier.

The treatment for this condition varies, but if it turns out that the hernia has recurred frequently, no longer recurs but continues and persists, accompanied by fever, abdominal pain or disruption in bowel movements, then surgery may be necessary. For that it would be better if those with hernias immediately consulted a surgeon to determine their condition.

Meanwhile, to avoid recurrence, what can be done is to maintain a diet by increasing eating vegetables, fruit, avoiding spicy foods and tomatoes, losing weight if it is excessive, avoiding smoking, do not lift heavy loads, and immediately cough. So, hopefully answering your question.

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