The Possibility Of Breast Cancer Will Grow Again After Surgery?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Breast Cancer Will Grow Again After Surgery?
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Excuse me, I want to ask a questionrnMy mother was diagnosed with malignant neoplasm, and has undergone chemotherapy 6 times and had surgery to remove the left breast about 6 months agornAnd before the operation the doctor said that my mother had no more cancer. , but the doctor recommended surgical removal so that the cancer did not recur, so my mom finally did the surgery, and now I have to check with her doctor once a month,rnDoes the doctor think that the cancer in my mother will come back again, doctor?r nThank you,

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Hello, dyah citra, thanks for asking

In some people (not all), breast cancer can indeed "recur" or the condition is called recurrent. Most of those who relapsed, experienced it within 5 years after completion of breast cancer therapy. Some conditions that increase the risk of breast cancer recurrence are:

1.    The larger the tumor/lump size, the more likely it is to recur

2.     If the cancer cells have spread to the blood vessels and lymph vessels of the breast, or to the lymph nodes (lymph nodes), then the chance of recurrence will be greater

3.    Grade/severity of tissue (as seen from histology/anatomical pathology)

4.    Grade / severity of cell division. The faster the cell divides, the higher the chance of recurrence

5.    Have a gene called HER2

6.    Hormone receptors in tumors

Breast cancer recurrence can be located at the site of the old cancer, around the old cancer, or in other organs of the body. The characteristics of changes in the breast that can be suspected as a recurrence are:

1.    New lump in breast

2.    Discharge or blood from the nipple

3.     Changes in the skin of the breast: redness, swelling, skin pulling inwards, like orange peel

4.    Changes in breast shape and contour

For this reason, it is important to have regular check-ups with the doctor (as recommended by the treating doctor) and breast self-examination (BSE) at home. Do BSE at least once a month. At regular visits to the doctor, the doctor will ask about the symptoms you are feeling, perform a physical examination (especially the breast area and some organs that often occur in the spread of breast cancer, such as lymph nodes, bones, and lungs), and if necessary, a mammography examination will be carried out. bone health according to doctor's recommendations. Also report to your doctor if the patient experiences symptoms such as weight loss without effort, pain, or no appetite.

That's it, I hope it's useful.

Regards, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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