The Possibility Of Conceiving Of Intercourse Before The Injection KB?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Conceiving Of Intercourse Before The Injection KB?
Illustration: The Possibility Of Conceiving Of Intercourse Before The Injection KB?

Good morning doctor. I am a newlywed, the last day of menstruation on January 29th and married on February 6th and I injected 1 month on February 14th, but before the injection I had intercourse. What I want to ask until today I haven’t menstruation for February … Is it possible that I am pregnant? Thank you

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The marriage history that you have on February 6, 2020, with the last menstruation on January 29, 2020, then you have intercourse before the injection of birth control, so if you currently feel a complaint of late menstruation, it might be triggered by pregnancy. However, it is necessary to evaluate the possibility of this pregnancy. Some signs of the possibility of pregnancy you need to identify, such as:

Late menstruation
Breasts feel fuller
Frequent urination
Back pain
Positive Peck test results
The results of an ultrasound examination by a doctor give an indication of pregnancy

Therefore, consideration should be given to pregnancy to be a possible cause of the complaint you are feeling. You can do the initial step of the peck test that you do in the morning after you wake up. If the results are positive, you must stop the KB injection while you plan a visit to the doctor to ensure pregnancy.

Apart from the possibility of pregnancy, other conditions can also trigger complaints of late menstruation. If your peck test results are negative, then a late menstrual complaint can also be triggered by your family planning injection. The effect of birth control hormones affects the regulation of your female hormonal system which is responsible for regulating your menstrual cycle. So, if this late menstrual complaint continues after 2-3 KB injections, and you feel uncomfortable with this late menstruation, then you can consider using other contraceptive devices to help continue the family planning program and prevent late menstrual complaints. However, the replacement of this type of KB you need to discuss with your obstetrician.

Apart from these two conditions, several other medical conditions can also trigger menstrual delay, such as:

PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome, where many small cysts are found in the ovary
Metabolic disorders, such as diabetes or thyroid disorders

You should consider consulting directly with your obstetrician. The doctor will do a physical examination and supporting examination for you. Blood tests to evaluate pregnancy hormones, as well as ultrasound examinations to help determine whether there are embryonic sacs and fetal growth in the uterus. If all tests lead to pregnancy, the doctor will recommend pregnancy care for you. If the examination results do not indicate pregnancy, the doctor can plan an evaluation and ascertain the cause for further treatment.

For now, you can also do some other business, such as:

Get enough rest
Avoid stress
Avoid physical fatigue
Idealize weight

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