The Possibility Of Contracting HIV After Oral Sex?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Contracting HIV After Oral Sex?
Illustration: The Possibility Of Contracting HIV After Oral Sex?

Hello. Me and my dear couple for the first time doing oral sex. We are both negative hiv. When we have oral sex, my partner’s gums bleed. Will any of us be infected with HIV? I am a man and my partner is a woman

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Hello Andreas Vivo, thank you for your question.

HIV infection / Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a sexually transmitted infection. Keep in mind again, that HIV is a virus, while the disease caused by this virus is called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Transmission from HIV itself is not as easy as other viral infections that can spread through the air and so forth, because HIV is transmitted through body fluids infected with this virus. Some ways of transmission, for example:

Risk sexual intercourse (multiple partners or with an HIV-infected partner, same-sex sexual relations, etc.)
Use of syringes alternately
Used punctured syringes (for example in health workers)
Mother to fetus through the placenta or breast milk
and so forth

For someone affected by HIV, then there must be contact and pathways to get in and out of the virus. For example a person who holds the blood of another person infected with HIV will not be infected if there is no path for the entry of blood into his body / wound. Shaking hands, hugging, chatting, and even kissing cannot transmit HIV infection.

For your condition and your partner, if an HIV test has been done with a negative result and no one has taken other risky actions to get HIV, then the chances of getting HIV are very small. However, the results of this HIV test cannot identify the infection that has just occurred (3 months), so if you or your partner are doing risky behavior within 3 months before the test, then it is advisable to do an HIV test again.

Oral sex is rarely a source of HIV transmission, but there is still a small chance of contracting it if there are sores that are significant enough to be the pathway for the virus. However, once again, if both partners really did not have HIV infection, transmission would not occur. Oral sex itself can be a source of several other sexually transmitted diseases, such as:

Herpes virus infection
Candidiasis or fungal infections in the mouth
Gonorrhea or gonorrhea
and others

Avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases with the following steps:

Not having sexual relations before marriage
Faithful to one partner
Use of condoms to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections
Avoid using drugs
Enrich yourself with information related to the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and other risky actions

So, hopefully useful. Always healthy.


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