The Possibility Of Corona Virus Infection When Coughing Does Not Heal

Hello, Doc. When on February 26 my stomach was very sick, the date was 27 vomiting and my fever was high (I forgot how many degrees). New to the doctor around March 02 after I had not vomited and had diarrhea. The doctor said I had gastric inflammation. Then, March 3, I had improved, but instead I coughed (dry). Initially I let it go because usually it takes 3-4 days to heal. Not feeling a week passed, finally I started taking cough medicine. But it still doesn’t heal too. On March 12, I met a friend of mine who lives in Depok (he met me at the National Library on board). My friend’s condition at that time was recovering from a high fever and he was coughing a cold. While my condition was still coughing dry. 2 days after that he told me he was short of breath and there were blood spots on his cough. I am being exposed to this virus, and it is recommended to be examined at the nearest health center. (I do not know what TB is meant). I was given antibiotics and medicine so that my phlegm is runny and the sputum test can be done immediately. However, until this moment (already 1 month) I am still coughing dry and not sputuming.

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Hello Chandra,

Thank you for the question.

The coughs that you experience, after contacting people from areas with local transmission COVID-19 (including Depok) who experience coughs, colds, spasms, with blood spots on their sputum are worth watching out for as symptoms of COVID-19. However, besides COVID-19, coughs can also occur due to a variety of other respiratory disorders, for example pulmonary TB (tuberculosis), pneumonia, bronchitis, pharyngitis, rhinosinusitis, and so on. Heart problems, stomach acid reflux, the influence of drugs, allergies, and your history of gastritis (inflammation of the stomach) can also trigger a cough.

If it's true that you only have a cough, your symptoms may seem mild. Therefore, you can indeed check yourself to the nearest health facility to make sure possible causes. The doctor who examines you directly, with his competence and experience, is certainly more understanding related to the possibility of your condition. Because, before the COVID-19 broke out, the incidence of pulmonary TB in Indonesia was also quite high (4th in the world).

Our advice, you first follow the treatment recommendations that doctors recommend. In order for phlegm more easily removed, in addition to taking a doctor's medication, you should also drink plenty of warm water, exercise regularly, avoid exposure to cold and dust, and be diligent in breathing exercises. In this way, phlegm will be more easily removed, so that your condition can be further evaluated. Not infrequently, this sputum test will also be combined with x-rays, blood tests, or throat swabs.

From the results of the examination the doctor will move later to give you treatment, for example by giving OAT (anti-TB drugs) if indeed a TB diagnosis has been established, or also providing other treatments if the diagnosis is different. It could also, later you will be directed to see a doctor of internal medicine, pulmonary, or ENT if necessary.

In the meantime, not only undergoing treatment and treatment as directed by your doctor, you should:

Always use a mask while still coughing, and don't cough and spit anywhere
Take a shower with warm water, and wash your hands with soap to clean
Regularly resting at home, don't leave the house unless it's urgent
Avoid things that make you allergic
Exercise regularly
Stay away from cigarettes, cold, dust, smoke, pollution, cold and oily foods, and other things that can make coughs worse.
Take care also cleanliness where you live
Do not carelessly exchange personal belongings with others

Hope this helps ...

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