The Possibility Of Corona Virus Infection When The Throat Feels Up

Illustration of The Possibility Of Corona Virus Infection When The Throat Feels Up
Illustration: The Possibility Of Corona Virus Infection When The Throat Feels Up

Hello … I want to ask a lot because the Corona virus has entered Indonesia … and I work in hotels, I have been in direct contact with tourists “and foreigners like neighboring Singapore and Malaysia … I began to experience a lump in my throat like phlegm. pad March 6 until now there has been no change, no fever, cough, runny nose only my lips broke “to this day March 19 … sometimes I have trouble sleeping because of thinking and experiencing dizziness ” a little …, guess “I what kind of illness … huh and thank you ter

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A lump in the throat can be caused by inflammation of the throat, usually followed by pain. Some possibilities also cause inflammation in the throat one of which is viral infection. For more details, you can read here.

If your symptoms persist for more than 3 days and there is a history of traveling to an area that has an outbreak of Corona infection or direct contact with a positive patient with Corona infection within the past 14 days, you can call 119 EXT 9 or immediately go to the COVID-19 referral hospital in your area.

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