The Possibility Of Crossed Eyes Can Be Completely Cured?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Crossed Eyes Can Be Completely Cured?
Illustration: The Possibility Of Crossed Eyes Can Be Completely Cured?

I am a sufferer of squint. my parents said, I squinted because my toddler was affected by a very hot fever, until my eyes looked up and finally, my left eye glanced to the left and I used my right eye as my sense of sight. and I started wearing glasses when I was in grade 3 junior high until now and finally my crossed eyes can be overcome but somehow I keep squinting if my vision / focal point is far away. and actually I can see as usual but very shortsighted … so. please explain and the solution thanks !!!

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Hello Farhaan, thank you for asking

In medical language, this squint is called strabismus. Where the squint is a condition when the right and left eyeballs are not in a symmetrical or parallel position, so the eyes will appear to look at different points of direction.

The real cause of squint is not yet known, but heredity can also increase the risk of squint. Cross-eyed eyes may occur since you are a child or appear as an adult. Most squinting eyes in children can be triggered by vision problems for example:

Nearsightedness or myopia

To ensure squinting eyes also need to be examined for the overall accuracy of the eye, namely a sharp examination of vision, examination of eye movements, examination of the retina and the back of the eye, and a corneal reflex test.

The treatment solution for squint will depend on the severity of the squint. And not all crossed eyes require specific treatment. The doctor will recommend or suggest treatment with a squint if it causes symptoms, such as:

Views become double or double
Eyes that are not focused in the same direction
Loss of vision from one eye
Coordination between eye movements is disturbed

And here are some ways of treatment that can be done for crossed eyes for example:

Blindfold, your doctor will advise you to use a blindfold to cover healthy eyes and aim to encourage the muscles that move the weak eyeball to work harder.

Glasses, which are to treat or correct eye acuity disorders such as distant dust

Eye drops, the drug given aims to make the healthy eyes become blurred for a while so that both eyes have the same focus

Eye muscle exercises, special exercises to regulate the coordination of eye movements

Botox injections into healthy eye muscles, but the effect only lasts temporarily

Surgery, to tighten or loosen the muscles that control eye movements

The following article is further about: Squint treatment

Therefore, to determine the right treatment option for you, you can consult the problem to the eye specialist.

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